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True by you.

How we approach wealth advice – from our makeup and mindset to our methodology and technology – differentiates us from other firms. Our name, Entruity, which combines the words “entrust,” “truth” and “integrity,” reflects our commitment and responsibility to provide you with advice solely in your best interest.

The Barnes family

The Barnes family factor.

As a family-run firm, we all share the same values: taking care of people and doing the right thing. Our natural connection creates a culture of approachability and personalized service. We work as a well-rounded, cohesive team, offering comprehensive and complementary skillsets to support you through every stage and milestone. We also provide a multigenerational perspective that gives you the benefit of both worlds: experience and wisdom mixed with tech savvy and new thinking.

Grandfather reading a book to grandson

Our constant companion: your goals.

Your goals are our drivers. As a fiduciary, we are committed to providing you with advice that addresses your goals, always. We organize and clarify your finances to help you stay well-informed and make the right decisions now and in the future. We also look at the big picture and small details when managing your money to help make sure your goals and needs are being met.

Digital tablet showing pie charts and graphs

We anticipate to advance.

To help ensure we are continually providing you with our best thinking and strategies, we “skate to where the puck is going,” as Wayne Gretzky said. This forward-thinking discipline along with our time-tested planning process help make sure you are ready for both the expected and the unexpected. As a boutique and independent practice, we also are nimble and can customize solutions to your specific situation and goals.     

Laptop showing stock market graphs

Getting to tech alpha. 

We leverage the latest technology to streamline communications and help enhance insight and individualize advice. The value of our tech stack includes:

  • helping you organize your assets by understanding where you are, defining where you want to be and building a plan to get there (RightCapital);
  • providing you with a personalized Risk Number® to help set your expectations, guiding us in developing your risk-aware portfolio, and giving you confidence in your finances and future (Nitrogen); and
  • offering a state-of-the-art client portal that serves as an online extension of our firm, allowing anytime access to see how your accounts have performed and how they are allocated, and view or download statements and performance reports (Advyzon).

We are family.

We approach our work as a win-win for everyone. We help build legacies for our clients, our community as well as our family.